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Supporting pupils with English as an additional language to help them integrate

Westbourne School assesses the language ability of pupils who are learning English as an additional language before they start at the school. Pupils also have the opportunity to attend summer school prior to starting. Teachers promote high levels of pupil inclusion and encourage participation in activities, such as assemblies, charity events, international days and public speaking lessons. Read more >

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Effective strategies support the social and emotional wellbeing of pupils

Staff at Redhill Preparatory School place emotional intelligence as priority. The school has implement strategies to support the social and emotional wellbeing of pupils through questionnaires and self-registration, skills sessions and pupil-led focus groups to discuss any concerns openly. Read more >

A preventative approach to support wellbeing

Rougemont School has adopted a whole-school approach to support resilience and wellbeing. The initiatives have allowed pupils to thrive in their academic, social and emotional development. Read more >

Encouraging learners to achieve more than they expect of themselves

Staff at Oakleigh House School have encouraged learners to be more resilient when faced with challenges, to learn from their mistakes and to become more independent in all aspects of their learning. Read more >

Empowering students to make a positive difference in the world

Students at UWC Atlantic College expand their world view through engagement opportunities with local and international charities, other schools and non-governmental organisations. Read more >

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Improving pupils’ skills across the curriculum

Pupils at Haberdasher’s Monmouth School for Girls benefit from a range of programmes employed across all year groups to improve their literacy, numeracy, ICT skills and project work. Read more >


Improving pupil wellbeing through pupil engagement

Consulting with learners at Haberdasher’s Monmouth School for Girls has enabled staff to increase pupil wellbeing through more effective Personal, Social and Health Education. Read more >

Science initiative inspires pupils

Science initiative inspires pupils

Monmouth School, Monmouthshire, established its science initiative in 2008. The innovative partnership arrangement with five local schools set out to improve outcomes and influence the career choices of local sixth form pupils. The school has used a number of strategies to inspire pupils to pursue a career in science and noticed a higher uptake of the subject at degree level. Read more >

Pupils’ life skills develop from their community work

Pupils’ life skills develop from their community work

Rydal Penrhos School, Conwy, fosters pupils’ sense of community and understanding of service to others from a very early age. Their extensive extra-curricular programme involves pupils in a wide range of community work, from working with charities to hosting tea parties for elderly residents. Read more >

Ambition is the key to achievement

Ambition is the key to achievement

The Cathedral School has developed a culture of accountability through its robust self-evaluation process, the challenge it provides to pupils and its strong teaching practices. Using various activities to develop these elements, from appointing external teacher mentors, to annual reviews of teaching and learning, the school has reaped benefits at all levels. Read more >