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Getting the climate right

Leaders at Ysgol Bro Pedr have worked successfully with staff and pupils to establish a climate in the school that supports effective teaching and learning. Teachers take pride in the fact that they are now able to concentrate on teaching throughout their lessons, rather than spend time dealing with misbehaviour and underperformance. As a result, staff wellbeing and pupil confidence and behaviour have improved. Read more >

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Using research findings and action research to improve teaching

In Maes-y-Coed Primary School, all staff are involved in action research projects to bring about improvements in teaching and learning. Leaders place a strong emphasis on staff reflecting on and analysing their own practice and that of their peers. This helps staff to staff to identify their own strengths and areas for development successfully. Read more >

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Rebuilding professional trust to improve the quality of teaching

Through listening carefully to staff, valuing their opinions and their work and providing beneficial professional development opportunities leaders at Rogerstone Primary School have successfully improved the quality of teaching across the school. Read more >

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Successfully addressing shortcomings in teaching

Leaders at Sketty Primary School have supported staff well to address the shortcomings in teaching and the variability of practice across the school. Through joint observations and the use of a buddy system, teachers now have a shared understanding of what constitutes good teaching and have higher expectations of what pupils can achieve. Read more >

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Creating a culture of shared responsibility to improve teaching

Solva Community Primary School has made very good progress since its core inspection in January 2015. Leaders and teachers now have high expectations about the quality of teaching in all classes. The school’s actions and meetings focus well on improving standards and all staff now take responsibility for improving teaching across the school not just in their own classrooms Read more >

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Improving the skills of middle leaders to bring about improvements in teaching

Leaders at King Henry Vlll Comprehensive School have successfully embedded a peer review programme that has enabled middle leaders to strengthen significantly their skills and capacity to bring about improvements in teaching and standards. Through their involvement in a comprehensive range of self-evaluation activities that focus clearly on the relationship between effective teaching and pupil progress middle leaders now, make an effective contribution to school improvement. Read more >

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Making better use of observations to support teachers

Leaders at Tonypandy Community College have improved their ability to use lesson observations to support teachers to develop aspects of their practice. Leaders identify well shortcomings that need addressing across the school or are pertinent to groups or individuals. Through a range of whole school development sessions, bespoke coaching packages and the use of video technology the college has improved the quality and impact of teaching. Read more >

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Transforming lunchtime helps improve children’s behaviour and self-esteem

Bellevue Nursery has dramatically improved lunchtimes from being a mess to a success! By introducing crockery, cutlery, vases for flowers and much more, children learnt how to treat these resources carefully, the value of respect and reinforce responsibilities. Encouraging children to develop their conversational and social skills has resulted in happy, confident and independent children. Read more >

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Ensuring effective support for vulnerable learners

Penllwyn Primary School has used a range of strategies specifically designed to meet the characteristic needs of disadvantaged learners. The school has reduced the barriers to learning and improved the outcomes for all children by devising a tracking system that assesses learners’ wellbeing, attendance, expected academic ability, behaviour and exposure to extra curricular activities to monitor their needs. Read more >

Discussion sessions identify opportunities for radical reform

The headteacher at Ysgol y Faenol conducted a series of discussion sessions for staff, enabling them to identify radical opportunities to embed the four purposes of curriculum reform. Initiatives resulting from these include oracy projects, collaborative learning projects and the strengthening of pupil voice. This case study represents the school’s curriculum development in relation to their progress in self-evaluation and planning and preparation. Read more >