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Maintaining a clear focus to improve the consistency of teaching

Through its consistent approach and focus, Neyland Community Primary School has successfully improved the quality of its teaching. After their core inspection in September 2014, leaders in Neyland Community Primary School reflected that they had previously been trying to do too many things at once and this had led to a lack of consistency and embedding of agreed practices. Leaders decided to focus on what mattered the most in order to bring about improvements in their school. They introduced a list of non-negotiables for all classes, which in partnership with teachers has evolved into a teaching and learning charter. Read more >

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Using a bespoke coaching and mentoring system to improve teaching

Oldcastle Primary School has a bespoke approach to coaching and mentoring for teachers based on their individual needs and stage of development, which has resulted in consistently good teaching practices across the school. The ability of senior leaders to take part in open and honest feedback has improved because of additional bespoke training on leadership and coaching. This means that all leaders are comfortable challenging their own and each other’s ideas about what makes good teaching. Read more >

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Teachers as Researchers

The headteacher at Ysgol Cynwyd Sant is committed to the concept of teachers as researchers. Senior leaders have introduced innovative ways to develop teachers’ research skills as part of their everyday work, and without overburdening them. Research now supports and underpins teachers’ professional development, performance management and school self-evaluation successfully. Read more >

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Creating the right atmosphere to talk about teaching

Leaders and members of staff at Ysgol Pencae have worked together successfully to develop a positive attitude and flexible approach to internal activities such as classroom observations, whole-school scrutiny of pupils’ books, and team and whole-school staff meetings. This has enabled staff to become more open with one another and given them the confidence to address concerns and solve problems together. Staff now more readily acknowledge and discuss strengths and weaknesses in teaching across the school. Read more >

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GROWing through coaching

Nearly all staff at Dŵr y Felin Comprehensive School understand the importance of quality teaching and are partners in the school’s improvement journey. Staff feel empowered to try new approaches, knowing they can reflect on their successes and areas to develop with colleagues through the coaching sessions, meetings and teacher learning networks. Read more >


Establishing a whole school approach to teaching

Within a remarkably short space of time, Tredegar Comprehensive School’s approach to improving teaching has enabled staff to establish shared pedagogical principles and a common language for discussing teaching and learning. Staff have a consistent whole school approach to classroom practice and have benefitted from many opportunities to work together to share good practice and to develop ideas and resources. Read more >

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Getting the climate right

Leaders at Ysgol Bro Pedr have worked successfully with staff and pupils to establish a climate in the school that supports effective teaching and learning. Teachers take pride in the fact that they are now able to concentrate on teaching throughout their lessons, rather than spend time dealing with misbehaviour and underperformance. As a result, staff wellbeing and pupil confidence and behaviour have improved. Read more >

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Using research findings and action research to improve teaching

In Maes-y-Coed Primary School, all staff are involved in action research projects to bring about improvements in teaching and learning. Leaders place a strong emphasis on staff reflecting on and analysing their own practice and that of their peers. This helps staff to staff to identify their own strengths and areas for development successfully. Read more >

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Rebuilding professional trust to improve the quality of teaching

Through listening carefully to staff, valuing their opinions and their work and providing beneficial professional development opportunities leaders at Rogerstone Primary School have successfully improved the quality of teaching across the school. Read more >

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Successfully addressing shortcomings in teaching

Leaders at Sketty Primary School have supported staff well to address the shortcomings in teaching and the variability of practice across the school. Through joint observations and the use of a buddy system, teachers now have a shared understanding of what constitutes good teaching and have higher expectations of what pupils can achieve. Read more >