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Teachers in conversation at a table

Teamwork leads to high quality teaching

At Severn Primary School leaders use good communication, a common vision and sharing good practice to empower and motivate staff - leading to high quality teaching throughout the school. Read more >

A row of brightly coloured pencils

Assessing children's learning to make teaching more effective

Staff at Sunshines Pre-School nursery carefully assess all aspects of children's learning to ensure they progress well in all areas. Read more >

Developing leadership at all levels to benefit teaching

Staff at Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Castell Nedd use a highly developed improvement strategy to help deliver good quality teaching. Read more >

Increasing literacy skills at an early age

By focusing on pupils' literacy from an early age teachers at Brynteg Nursery ensure learners become confident speakers and writers. Read more >

Improving pupils’ speaking and listening skills through an expanded curriculum

Children at Cwmfelinfach Primary School develop good listening and speaking abilities as well as better literacy and numeracy as a result of learning a broader range of subjects. Read more >

Pupils share learning experiences to encourage less engaged learners

Cwmfelinfach Primary School encourage learners with low self-esteem to shadow other pupils to help them gain confidence with learning. Read more >

Children playing with blocks

Observing children's play to establish the progression of their basic skills

Staff at Llandogo Early Years nursery carefully monitor children's play to assess which skills are stronger and which require additional development. Read more >

Children and teacher playing together at a table

Making the most of visits and visitors to motivate children's learning

By going on trips to local sites and receiving visitors, Cae'r Ffair nursery inspires children's learning which improves their literacy and numeracy. Read more >

A pair of wellingtons filled with plants

Using the outdoors to increase pupils’ wellbeing

Children at Llandogo Early Years nursery benefit from an outdoor learning strategy which teaches them about the natural world and enhances their curiosity, social skills and wellbeing. Read more >

Haberdashers skills

Improving pupils’ skills across the curriculum

Pupils at Haberdasher’s Monmouth School for Girls benefit from a range of programmes employed across all year groups to improve their literacy, numeracy, ICT skills and project work. Read more >