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Rhiwbeina best practice

Using staff expertise and passions creates motivated and high achieving learners

To create engaging resources that break down barriers to learning, staff at Rhiwbeina Primary School use exciting topics that reflect their interests and talents. Their approach successfully developed children’s literacy, numeracy, digital competence, and social and life skills. Read more >

Supporting pupils with additional learning needs through integrated strategies

Ensuring all pupils reach their potential is central to the aims of Dolau Primary School. Staff have ensured that many pupils with additional learning needs achieve well and make significant progress which has improved motivation across the curriculum. Read more >

Tackling the impact of deprivation on pupil attainment

Hafod-y-Wern Primary School carefully manages and monitors the impact of deprivation on pupil attainment. As a result, the school has increased attendance, lowered exclusion rates, improved standards in key subjects and built positive working relationships with parents. Read more >

Albert prim -main image

Pupils shape their own curriculum

Albert School, Penarth, has seen improvements in pupils’ motivation, engagement and the quality of work after involving learners in curriculum design. Read more >

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A nurturing and caring community improves behaviour and learning

Pencaerau Primary in Cardiff found that the right encouragement, combined with additional pupil support, can improve behaviour and attendance. Read more >

A dedicated manager to monitor literacy and numeracy skills development

Ysgol Glan Gele in Abergele were keen to ensure that planning for the literacy and numeracy skills framework was given the highest priority. Working together in staff and year group meetings to map out specific skills in their plans, the school has seen significant improvements in pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills. Read more >

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“The Plaza”, a shared learning area

Undy Primary School has established a shared learning area, called The Plaza, where Years 5 and 6 pupils can visit in order to complete tailored activities that build on skills taught in lessons. The activities promote decision-making and collaborative learning, and the approach allows a good balance between classroom teaching and independent learning. Read more >

Ysgol y Graig - Apps image

Using an “app” to encourage independence in learning

Ysgol y Graig Primary School uses a digital application (app) to try new approaches to learning. Teachers record adults reading stories and pupils use the tool to identify success criteria for different genres of writing. They listen and observe others, dissect text, record their own evaluations and edit their work, thus developing their independence in learning. Read more >

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Video: Tackling poverty through raising aspirations

Ysgol Y Castell Primary School in Carmarthenshire is in an area of high deprivation with 38% of pupils are currently entitled to free school meals. The school organises trips abroad to enrich the learning experiences of its disadvantaged pupils. Read more >

Respecting rights

An inclusive ethos and culture promotes effective pupil participation

Hafod Primary School, Swansea, has developed a framework of values to promote citizenship, tolerance, and diversity. Pupils are taught to respect every individual’s rights. Teachers, governors and parents are all expected to adhere to the values and there has been a positive effect on the school community as a result. Read more >