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St Helens

Engaging with parents to improve pupil attendance

Through a combination of after-school classes for pupils and wider family engagement, staff at St Helen’s Primary School have reduced pupil absence and created an inclusive learning environment. Read more >

Garnteg partnership working

Working in partnership with parents to raise learner literacy and numeracy

Family learning sessions are run by Garnteg Primary School to increase parental involvement in their children’s learning. This has benefitted the literacy and numeracy of both parents and pupils. Read more >

Gilfach Fargoed

Improving pupil literacy and numeracy through effective teacher self-evaluation

A robust system of teacher self-evaluation overseen by senior staff has resulted in a significant improvement in pupil literacy and numeracy across all ages at Gilfach Fargoed Primary school. Read more >

Garnteg attendance

Engaging parents and improving attendance

Garnteg Primary School uses family engagement projects and after-school clubs to encourage parents to help reduce learner absence. Read more >


Engaging with pupils and parents to improve pupil attendance

Wolfscastle Primary School has achieved consistently low pupil absence rates after involving learners and parents in the development of their attendance policy. Read more >

Dyffryn y Glowyr

Pupils’ skills across the curriculum are improved through joint working with another primary school

By setting learning challenges for each other, pupils in Ysgol Dyffryn y Glowyr and a partner school have developed their creative writing to a high standard, improved their discussion skills and generated greater enthusiasm for mathematics. Read more >


Developing strategies to improve the self-belief and basic skills of pupils with additional learning needs

Victoria Primary School supports vulnerable learners with one-to-one support in an environment designed to reduce challenging behaviour. This has improved learning and social experiences for all pupils at the school. Read more >


Pupils working together to plan the curriculum for their school

Learners in Gladestry Primary School work with both teaching staff and each other to set learning targets and improve their school environment. As a result, pupils are highly engaged and attendance is well above average. Read more >


Enhancing literacy skills of more-able pupils through additional mentoring and support

Evenlode Primary School supports the reading and writing skills of more-able pupils through a partner with specialist language teaching skills. Working with a local secondary school also helped these pupils produce written work of outstanding quality. Read more >

Mynydd Cynffig

Employing multiple strategies to improve pupils’ thinking skills

Mynydd Cynffig Infants School has put thinking and learning at the heart of the curriculum, and has employed a range of methods to help pupils think creatively. This has resulted in a significant increase in standards of language, literacy and communication. Read more >