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Pupils share learning experiences to encourage less engaged learners

Cwmfelinfach Primary School encourage learners with low self-esteem to shadow other pupils to help them gain confidence with learning. Read more >

Managing a merger of two schools so high standards of learning are maintained

When Cyfarthfa Park Primary School was formed senior staff were able to maintain teaching standards and improve attendance with a development plan that covered all aspects of the new school. Read more >

Children playing with blocks

Observing children's play to establish the progression of their basic skills

Staff at Llandogo Early Years nursery carefully monitor children's play to assess which skills are stronger and which require additional development. Read more >

Children and teacher playing together at a table

Making the most of visits and visitors to motivate children's learning

By going on trips to local sites and receiving visitors, Cae'r Ffair nursery inspires children's learning which improves their literacy and numeracy. Read more >

A pair of wellingtons filled with plants

Using the outdoors to increase pupils’ wellbeing

Children at Llandogo Early Years nursery benefit from an outdoor learning strategy which teaches them about the natural world and enhances their curiosity, social skills and wellbeing. Read more >

Haberdashers skills

Improving pupils’ skills across the curriculum

Pupils at Haberdasher’s Monmouth School for Girls benefit from a range of programmes employed across all year groups to improve their literacy, numeracy, ICT skills and project work. Read more >

Kitchener attendance

Increasing attendance through better communication with parents

Improved communication with parents has seen pupil attendance at Kitchener Primary School significantly increase over the last three years, and the school now has some of the best attendance rates compared to other primary schools. Read more >

St Helens ALN

Helping children with additional learning needs reach their potential

Staff at St Helen’s Primary School provide good support for learners with additional learning needs and ensure pupils and parents have confidence in what the school does for these learners. Read more >


Improving pupil wellbeing through pupil engagement

Consulting with learners at Haberdasher’s Monmouth School for Girls has enabled staff to increase pupil wellbeing through more effective Personal, Social and Health Education. Read more >

Kitchener Primary

Taking every opportunity to increase literacy

Staff at Kitchener Primary School have improved the literacy of pupils who speak English as an additional language by using a broad range of strategies and teaching methods. Read more >