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Planning to develop pupils’ multilingual skills

At Ysgol Pencae, pupils’ Welsh and English skills are developed in order to ensure that they are fully bilingual by the time they attend secondary school. The school’s older pupils are also given opportunities to learn French and Mandarin. Read more >

Using games to improve pupils’ literacy skills

Staff at Ysgol Parcyrhun have created a bank of differentiated games that provide opportunities for pupils to practice their oral, reading and writing skills on a daily basis. Read more >

Developing oracy through self-assessment and new teaching strategies

Ysgol Gymraeg y Fenni has improved pupils’ oracy skills by re-visiting assessment procedures, teaching strategies and the opportunities that pupils have within the curriculum. Read more >

Cross-curricular themes that develop pupils’ key skills

Ty’n y Wern Primary School has introduced interesting cross-curricular themes, such as an annual arts festival and Welsh heritage projects. These give pupils a wealth of opportunities to develop their literacy, numeracy, and ICT skills. Read more >

Improving literacy through creative learning

Ysgol Cynwyd Sant plans exciting creative learning activities to develop pupils’ literacy skills. As a holder of Creative School status they cooperate with the Arts Council in their planning. Read more >

Kitchener Primary

Taking every opportunity to increase literacy

Staff at Kitchener Primary School have improved the literacy of pupils who speak English as an additional language by using a broad range of strategies and teaching methods. Read more >

Garnteg partnership working

Working in partnership with parents to raise learner literacy and numeracy

Family learning sessions are run by Garnteg Primary School to increase parental involvement in their children’s learning. This has benefitted the literacy and numeracy of both parents and pupils. Read more >

Bryn Elian

Taking multiple approaches to improve literacy and numeracy at secondary school

Staff at Ysgol Bryn Elian have improved pupils’ reading and numeracy skills, by reviewing the school curriculum, running literacy intervention projects and extending the time spent teaching English and Mathematics. Read more >

A dedicated manager to monitor literacy and numeracy skills development

Ysgol Glan Gele in Abergele were keen to ensure that planning for the literacy and numeracy skills framework was given the highest priority. Working together in staff and year group meetings to map out specific skills in their plans, the school has seen significant improvements in pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills. Read more >

Business enterprise improving skills

Business enterprise improving skills

At Llanyrafon Primary School, Torfaen, business enterprise projects provide all year groups with the opportunity to apply their skills to real life situations. The school encourages pupils to plan, run and assess their businesses in order to develop their literacy, numeracy and life skills. Read more >