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Developing positive attitudes to learning

A caring and supportive atmosphere with consistent routines and clear rules for behaviour help make Sticky Fingers Nursery a positive and friendly place to learn. Read more >

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Assessing children's learning to make teaching more effective

Staff at Sunshines Pre-School nursery carefully assess all aspects of children's learning to ensure they progress well in all areas. Read more >

 Gwenu plentyn yn eistedd wrth fwrdd gyda cwpanau a soseri chwarae

Creating a welcoming learning environment

Staff at Cylch Meithrin Boddffordd work together as a team to transform a school hall into a stimulating place to learn every day. Read more >

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Supporting and developing practitioners

The management team at Cylch Meithryn Pentre'r Eglwys understands the importance of providing effective support and development for all practitioners in order to achieve the best outcomes for the children. Read more >

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Observing children's play to establish the progression of their basic skills

Staff at Llandogo Early Years nursery carefully monitor children's play to assess which skills are stronger and which require additional development. Read more >

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Making the most of visits and visitors to motivate children's learning

By going on trips to local sites and receiving visitors, Cae'r Ffair nursery inspires children's learning which improves their literacy and numeracy. Read more >

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Using the outdoors to increase pupils’ wellbeing

Children at Llandogo Early Years nursery benefit from an outdoor learning strategy which teaches them about the natural world and enhances their curiosity, social skills and wellbeing. Read more >

Y Bont best practice

Recognising development opportunities benefits children, parents and staff

After recognising the lack of meaningful ways to track the progress of children with a disability, Y Bont nursery worked with the local authority to develop new assessment tools. These are now being used by other settings and schools, and the nursery has seen an improvement in children’s progress. Read more >

Strong parental involvement leads to a successful start into nursery education

Borras Park Infants School Early Education has strong partnerships with parents. Parents clearly understand the setting’s aims and play an active role in developing these. Children are able to settle quickly and are prepared well for the infant school.. The levels of children’s wellbeing and their standards of achievement are high. Read more >

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Children learn best from first hand experiences

Little Acorns Day Care Nursery in Bridgend offer regular first hand experiences to their pupils. This has a very positive impact on their learning and has resulted in motivated, curious and confident children. Read more >