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pupils to developing life skills

Using an enrichment programme to improve skills

Staff at Bishop Hedley Catholic High School created an enrichment programme called ‘Opening Minds’. The programme helps pupils to develop important life skills and supports the introduction of the new curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to engage in activities that they have not done before. These activities help pupils to challenge their thinking and develop a greater understanding of diversity and respecting others. The programme has allowed learners to take ownership of their development and has improved wellbeing and attitudes to learning. Read more >

Teacher helps pupil in classroom

A systematic approach to learning

Staff at Ysgol Llwyn yr Eos have created a co-ordinated and systematic approach to learning. Every pupil has access to a bespoke curriculum tailored to their specific needs. The blend of teaching strategies has an extremely positive effect on pupils’ achievement and wellbeing. Diagnostic tools are used to track and monitor pupils’ progress, wellbeing and behaviour. The monitoring process demonstrates that most pupils, including those with additional learning needs, make good and often very good progress. Read more >

Parent helps child learn

Building positive relationships with parents and families

Glenboi Community Primary School appointed a Family Engagement Officer to promote family involvement which has had a very positive impact on pupils’ attitudes to learning and wellbeing. The Family Engagement Officer supports parents in need and has set up an effective Parent Council. Parents’ confidence to support their children’s learning at home has improved. Connecting with families has given the school a successful method of communicating important information about school priorities with parents. Read more >

Pupils working on desk

Giving pupils the power to learn

Ysgol Y Foryd supports pupils’ progress and development as independent learners by using assessment for learning strategies. Staff teach the pupils to face challenges and use mistakes as learning opportunities. They are given constructive feedback to help them to understand what they need to do to improve their work. Pupils contribute to lesson planning with ideas of what they would like to learn, and how they can achieve this. They are independent in their learning and can identify what they need to do in order to improve their work. Read more >

Teacher in classroom

Harnessing pupil enthusiasm

Staff at Trinant Primary School collaborated with pupils on what they would like to learn. Together they co-constructed their own learning journey. This process ensured that learning didn’t become predicable and static. The school used grants to fund real-life experiences, ranging from crime scene investigations to critically reviewing theatre performances. These activities instantly engaged pupils and helped to develop a culture of enquiry, innovation and exploration. Pupils’ enthusiasm is harnessed and this motivates them to be successful. Read more >

Governor working with pupils

Governing body help strengthen school improvement

Trinant Primary governors bring a variety of strengths and expertise to the school. The governing body are fully committed to school improvement and undertake their responsibilities seriously. Their work follows the school’s self-improvement toolkit and feeds into the school’s self-evaluation process. Training has had a positive impact on the effectiveness of the governing body. They have regular involvement in school life which allows them to work as part of a team and share a common goal in seeking a high level of success for pupils. Read more >

Teacher working on pupils' creative skills

Encouraging creative and physical skills in children

Practitioners at Aberporth Bilingual Playgroup provide fun, stimulating activities that build upon children’s interests and questions. A performance area was introduced to develop children’s language and confidence when talking to others or when singing and using musical instruments. The creative area also provides practitioners with a greater insight into the development and progress of the children’s fine motor skills. They use exciting games to develop specific physical skills like spatial awareness and adjusting speed and direction. Read more >

Teacher using puppets with students

Using puppets to promote children’s emotional understanding

Staff at Cylch Meithrin Hermon use puppets to help children understand their emotions. The puppets allow the children to develop their personal and social skills by thinking about how their actions affect the feelings of the other children. Using puppets has helped create a warm and welcoming family ethos. Nearly all children are becoming aware of different feelings and emotions. Children’s behaviour is managed in a positive and constructive way. Read more >

Teacher teaching welsh to class

Developing Welsh language skills for early years learning

Practitioners at Aberporth Bilingual Playgroup use routine activities to introduce Welsh language and phrases. This helps children develop their understanding and responses progressively. Practitioners use Welsh language songs and read stories to the children in Welsh. The staff are good language models and develop the children’s understanding of Welsh exceptionally well. Most children make excellent progress in understanding and using the Welsh language on a daily basis. Read more >

Teacher training

Improving professional development

Leaders at Little Stars Day Nursery use a skills matrix to identify individual and group training needs. This ensures a consistent approach across the nursery. New members of the team develop quickly and all practitioners strive to improve the performance of others. Staff are highly motivated to improve their skills which has a very positive impact on children’s outcomes. Staff are confident that their voice is heard, and this helps them feel valued and respected. Read more >