The power of one voice. One pupil really can make a difference!

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The power of one voice. One pupil really can make a difference!

A Flintshire primary school pupil who uses a wheelchair gave his school a list of recommendations for changes to the school and its grounds to provide safer access for wheelchair users.


As part of evaluating the accessibility of the school, a school in Flintshire asked a pupil who uses a wheelchair to become involved and inspect the school to find out how easy it was for him to access the school building and grounds.


The pupil and his learning support assistant (LSA) decided to travel around the school together to check which areas were easy to access and which were more difficult. The LSA agreed to make notes for him.

The pupil travelled around the school, inside and outside, in his wheelchair, with his LSA. He came up with the following list of suggestions:

  • a ramp by the front door;
  • special handles for him to be able to open doors;
  • to go faster in the wheelchair around school;
  • a path to the pond because it is bumpy and wheels get stuck;
  • the paper towels lowered or something to hang a hand towel on in the toilets;
  • a way to get out of his wheelchair more easily;
  • games in the playground;
  • to do physiotherapy instead of physical education sometimes;
  • his pencil placed nearer to his book support; and
  • something to make his hand writing neater.


The school responded very quickly to supply what the pupil had requested, and considered that this approach resulted in a very informative access audit directly informed by the pupil, which strengthened the school’s disability action planning.