Community partnership supports disadvantaged learners

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Community partnership supports disadvantaged learners

Bishop Gore Comprehensive school’s commitment to supporting disadvantaged learners has made a significant impact on achievement, exclusion rates, understanding and tolerance. A close partnership with the local Ethnic Youth Support team has also helped to build strong community ties.


Learners in Bishop Gore Comprehensive school in Swansea come from a wide range of backgrounds. Approximately 25% of learners are entitled to free school meals.


To raise the achievement of a specific group of disadvantaged learners by offering learning support and establishing closer links to the local community


The school identified a group of ethnic minority learners who are also disadvantaged and at risk of underachievement. The school works closely with the Ethnic Youth Support Team, a voluntary organisation which supports young ethnic males in the Swansea area.

Ethnic Youth Support Team provides a coursework and revision programme in English, mathematics and science to support this group of learners.


This strategy has had a significant impact on the achievement of these learners. In addition, the exclusion rates of minority ethnic learners are negligible as a result of the school’s working partnership with Ethnic Youth Support Team.

The work with Ethnic Youth Support Team has had a positive effect on the learners and the school. Team workers are available to respond to different ethnic groups, improve understanding and tolerance, and build learners’ self-esteem. The team works in the school every week, and this helps the school to make effective links to the local community, and to support its ethnic minority learners well. The school is also more aware of any issues in the local community that might affect learners’ achievement.

Over the last four years, the gap between the achievement of learners eligible for free school meals and those who are not has narrowed in Bishop Gore. The performance of all learners has increased over the same period and all key performance indicators are above the average for similar schools.