Whistleblowing and raising a concern


Estyn encourages employees to report any suspected wrongdoing at the earliest opportunity and as soon as you have a reasonable suspicion. If you report a genuine concern, even if it turns out to be mistaken, you are doing your duty as a civil servant, and you will not be disciplined or subjected to any other detriment. On the contrary – if you fail in your duty to report suspected wrongdoing that failure could itself lead to disciplinary action.

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Estyn is committed to ensuring high standards of conduct in all that it does. This means not only in terms of what we do, but also how we do it. We are expected to work with integrity, honesty and objectivity, and to be totally impartial and completely ethical. For all civil servants, these standards are reinforced by the Civil Service Code. However, wrongdoing can occur. It is important that employees know what to do if, in the course of their work, they come across something that they think is fundamentally wrong, illegal or endangers others within Estyn or the public. This Policy, Procedures, Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions will guide employees through the process of raising a concern, which is sometimes referred to as ‘blowing the whistle’.