Travel and Subsistence Policy


This section sets out the rules for payment of expenses incurred by Estyn staff, secondees, agency staff, peer inspectors, non-executive directors and members of Estyn’s audit committee who travel on official Estyn duty. The rules provide for the reimbursement of expenses necessarily incurred in carrying out official duties away from your home or normal place of work. Claims must not, therefore, include expenditure not strictly necessitated by official duties.

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Estyn’s rules concerning travel and subsistence payments have been developed in light of the following principles:

  • the need for efficiency, effectiveness and value for money;
  • the importance of ensuring that claimants are fully and speedily reimbursed for expenses actually and necessarily incurred;
  • the need for administrative arrangements to be the minimum compatible with adequate accountability;
  • the need for expenditure to be authorised in advance, where appropriate;
  • the need for payments not to incur a taxation liability for the individual or Estyn; and
  • application on an equal and fair basis regardless of age, gender, gender identity (transgender), race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief or other irrelevant considerations.