Staff Employment Guide


Estyn’s Staff Employment Guide (the "Guide") sets out in broad terms the employment rules that apply to all permanent and fixed term staff who work in Estyn. Where there are differences between the rules for Senior Civil Servants (SCS), these are clearly noted. This Guide should be read in conjunction with your appointment letter, the statement of particulars issued to you on appointment; any subsequent amendments to those particulars; and any policies and procedures that are published on SharePoint.

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The Guide also sets out the conduct expected of all Estyn employees to assist in fulfilling the duties, obligations and responsibilities you all have in your individual roles within the Civil Service. Estyn’s Staff Handbook sets out our Mission, Vision, Purpose and Values and should be read in conjunction with this Guide. The Staff Handbook contains information on Estyn’s key outputs, working principles and culture, structure, characteristics and key responsibility areas.

Estyn reserves the right to make changes to the guide at any time where changes are made to the Civil Service Management Code and to reflect changes to Estyn’s policies and procedures. Any amendments or variations to the Guide will be communicated to staff. Further information about the policies and procedures that supplement and give effect to the Guide can be found on the Human Resources area on SharePoint.