Special Leave Policy and Procedures


Estyn is committed to being an exemplary employer. This Special Leave policy has been developed to enable employees to request Special Leave to help them achieve a satisfactory work-life balance whilst still recognising that the business needs of Estyn are paramount.

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This policy is based on the right to apply for special leave enshrined in employment law and sets out Estyn’s approach to special leave. Its provisions exceed the statutory minimum requirement for considering requests for time off.

Special leave is time off work which may be granted alongside annual leave, public and privilege holidays, flexi leave and maternity/paternity/adoption/parental leave.

Special leave may be authorised to enable employees to participate in certain activities, such as; participating in public duties, volunteering, or to deal with unexpected emergencies. Special leave will not be authorised where other forms of leave such as annual and/or flexi leave are more appropriate.