Grievance policy and procedures


This procedure aims to promote good employee relations and deliver fair and equal treatment of all employees. It details the process to be followed by employees who wish to raise a work-related grievance; this will include complaints of bullying, harassment and discrimination, and how Estyn will take prompt and effective action to resolve the grievance, as far as is reasonably practicable.

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Estyn is committed to creating an environment of open and honest two-way communication and consultation, with constructive and informal discussion between managers and employees on all work related issues.

We recognise that, from time to time, employees may have a concern or complaint about their work, working environment or working relationships that they may wish to raise so that it can be considered and, if possible, addressed.

We aim to deal with, and wherever possible, resolve these issues informally through normal day to day discussion and management. In some cases help from an independent mediator can help resolve problems especially those involving working relationships.

Occasionally work-related problems may arise which may only be resolved through a more structured approach. This policy provides the mechanism for such matters to be dealt with speedily, consistently and fairly.

In accordance with Estyn’s Welsh Language Scheme, staff can pursue any grievance in Welsh or English. Similarly, if a member of staff is subject to a grievance they may respond to the grievance in their language of choice.