Estyn Writing Guide


Our objective is to produce documents which are clear, accurate and in plain English and/or Welsh. It is essential that as wide an audience as possible can read and understand our publications. A clear style of report writing will help to achieve this.

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This guidance aims to help writers and editors to achieve a plain and clear style of writing. It will also help to make sure that all of Estyn’s publications follow a similar style and format.

This guidance focuses mainly on those aspects of style, vocabulary and grammar which prove troublesome for writers and editors. Writers and editors will need to use their judgement where there is no specific guidance available in this document. In such cases, they should keep in mind the overall objective of writing, that is, to produce clear, plain documents for an interested reader who is not a specialist in education or training.

In order to achieve consistency, writers and editors of Estyn publications should follow this guidance as much as they can.