Estyn’s Corporate Governance Framework


The key responsibilities and powers of delegation for the Chief Inspector, Strategy Board and Executive Board.

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This document explains the key responsibilities of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector for Education and Training in Wales (HMCI), the Strategy Board for Estyn and the Executive Board. It also articulates HMCI’s and the Strategy Board’s powers of delegation; the conduct expected of the Strategy Board; and the proceedings of the Strategy Board.

This version of Estyn’s Corporate Governance Framework was formally approved by the Strategy Board on 15 May 2013. It reflects the principles set out in ‘Corporate Governance in Central Government Departments - code of good practice’ (2011 version). It is published on Estyn’s website as part of our commitment to openness and public accountability.

The duties and powers of Estyn are drawn from those of HMCI whose position is set out in the Government of Wales Act 2006.