Attendance Management Policy and Procedures


Estyn recognises the benefits of staff health and wellbeing whilst at the same time having a robust, clearly understood procedure for managing sickness absence that ensures staff are treated fairly and compassionately when they are absent due to illness and helps staff to return when they are fit to do so. This policy outlines our approach to managing attendance.

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Estyn understands that people will occasionally be unwell and respects that employees may need to be absent when they are not well enough to work. In line with good practice, Estyn has developed a policy and procedure for managing sickness absences. This is because high levels of sickness absence make it difficult to deliver our services and meet our business priorities. They can also increase the burden on other employees who have to make up for the absences.

Estyn takes a work-focussed approach to help minimise the impact of ill-health on an employee’s attendance. Being ill or injured does not always prevent an employee from getting to, or undertaking some, work. A work-focused approach involves:

  • early intervention to enable any help and support to be identified ; and
  • a greater emphasis on the manager and employee working together to remove barriers to work.