Strategic overview

Our mission and vision
Our mission is to achieve excellence for all learners in Wales by providing independent, high-quality inspection and advice services. Our vision is to be recognised through the expertise of our staff as an authoritative voice on education and training in Wales.

Our strategic objectives are to:
  • Provide public accountability to service users on the quality and standards of education and training in Wales
  • Inform the development of national policy by the Welsh Government
  • Build capacity for improvement of the education and training system in Wales
Our delivery principles are to:
  • Continue to develop Estyn as a 'best value' organisation and 'exemplary employer'
  • Continue to work collaboratively with other inspectorates and stakeholders to support improvement
Our values:
  • Keep learners and citizens at the centre of our work
  • Act with openness, integrity and objectivity, demonstrating the highest standards of public service
  • Foster an engaging and healthy working environment
  • Work in partnership with others, whilst maintaining our independence
  • Demonstrate effective leadership and teamwork at all levels
  • Value people and the contributions they make
  • Encourage responsibility, initiative and innovation