Effective teaching and learning observations in further education colleges

This report is published in response to a request for advice about effective ‘teaching and learning observation’ from the Welsh Government in the Minister’s annual remit letter to Estyn 2013-2014. It is the second of two reports. The first report was published in October 2014 and focuses on effective classroom observations in schools, (Estyn, 2014a). This report focuses on effective teaching and learning observations in further education (FE) colleges. The use of the term ‘teaching and learning observations’ reflects the wide range of settings and contexts in which learning takes place in further education, for example classrooms, workshops, kitchens and salons. Read more >

Review of education visits policies in the further education sector - September 2015

The request from the Minister for Education and Skills for Estyn to undertake this review followed the death of a learner studying at Ystrad Mynach College, during an educational visit to Barcelona in 2011. Following their son’s death, his parents raised a range of concerns about the college’s procedures for educational visits and the associated risk assessments. The Minister made a commitment to the learner’s parents that every college in Wales would be made aware of the impact of their son’s death and that he would take steps to minimise the risk of such an event happening again. This review forms part of that commitment. Read more >